23 September 2017

China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency completes a decade; offers 50% off on food!!

China Kitchen has stood the test of time and shone bright like no other restaurant has (or arguably so). It is Hyatt Regency Delhi's pride, if you were to ask me, alongwith La Piazza, and the food has made every diner happy and that too every single time. China Kitchen completed 10 years this August, and as a part of its celebrations, the restaurant is offering a flat 50% off on food and soft beverages every Tuesday-Thursday till the 30th of September. This promotion began on August 1st, and a 50% off deal for a period of two months at China Kitchen is a big big deal!

As a part of their promotions, the restaurant hosted a dinner table with a lavish spread of dishes, some the classic China Kitchen dishes from the menu, and some off the menu prepared specially for the dinner. If there's one place you should go for dimsums in Delhi, one of those should definitely be China Kitchen. I've had dimsums here a multiple of times, and they're simply flawless.Prawns, chicken, veg, crystal, sui mai, dumplings- no matter what the stuffing and what the kind, they're simply outstanding!

China Kitchen is synonymous with Roast Duck. Order yourself a Roast Duck here, watch the chef come to your table and slice it (the chef doesn't understand English so he won't talk to you), and don't forget to get pancakes made of the duck. The grace and finesse with which the chef slices first the skin of the duck- crisp and glazed, then the inner layers, so soft and nice. The duck rolls with just a tiny bit splash of Hoisin sauce spread on the rolls, thin sliced ducks, and cucumber. You're in a different world altogether!

A Traditional 'Mapo' tofu with chilli, chives and chilli peppercorn is a classic dish at China Kitchen, and it cannot be missed at any cost! Smooth silky tofu in a thick gravy which is an excellent balance of spice and flavour. A must must must try. But what was the showstopper of that night for me was the Wok tossed eggplant in chilli and soy. By reading chilli and soy you can imagine the balance of these splendid flavours, but the way the eggplant was mashed, with no seeds in it and no peel, blended so well with the flavours.

The Wok fried sweet and sour fish is super soft, mind-blowing perfect in flavour, and the perfect non-vegetarian dish to order if you don't enjoy spicy food much. Pair it with pan fried noodles and your meal is complete. China Kitchen also does a splendid Wok fried spicy pork belly that can be enjoyed on its own. You don't need any rice or noodles with it. If you'd like rice in your meal, go with something different and try the Mushroom and spicy black bean rice. A little like sticky rice and with loads of flavour.

If you're in for indulgence in desserts then you must order Chocolate Cigar with liqueur. The Creme Brulee and ice creams are great too, and if you'd fancy something healthy, then there are always fruits to opt for. 

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