23 September 2017

Did you know about this super cool ice cream 'car' in Ashok Vihar?

Cross the road right opposite Kays Bar-Be-Que in Ashok Vihar Phase 1 and you’ll see a small car, pink in colour, parked on the side. The car will have lights inside it and the doors will be open. Sitting atop the car will be a huge muffin made of plastic, pink and blue in colour. One look at the car and you’ll get attracted to the colours and light, and will definitely stop to see what it is. That’s what I did- stopped to see what it was, and the rest is history gone down in indulging in icecreams like never before with the family. It's an icecream and sundae joint, only it's on wheels. The car is called Cream & Berry!

The seats from this car have been taken out and replacing that are huge freezers with multiple ice cream tubs inside them. The flavours of ice cream are all kept on display, something like you’d see at every ice cream parlour. Amidst all this will be small boxes, comprising several chocolates, choco chips, munchinis, plastic plates and spoons, and so on. There are a plethora of ice cream syrups that are used in these sundaes, and everything is right there in front of your eyes to help you see how your sundae is prepared and how the ingredients are stored.

Tried a Fruit Sundae and a Chocolate Brownie Sundae, both really good in taste, and impressive to look at too. The icecreams used are that of Mother Dairy, and the brownie put in my sundae was nicely wrapped in individual plastic wrappers. So you're convinced about the hygiene and quality too, after looking at all this. Lots of nuts, chocolate syrup, and the gooey chocolate brownie in it, and my Sunday(e) was made! The Fruit Sundae was made using strawberry and vanilla icecream, with tinned fruits, nuts and syrups- great value for money considering it was only for 110 bucks.

A very cute concept- full points for the car all decked up with pink and blue covers. Must go here for your evening ice cream cravings if you live closeby. The car is right opposite Kays Bar-Be-Que, and is stationed there from 6-7 in the evening till about midnight.

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